If you get the following error message Database connection error 2 Could not connect to MySQL after installing the template quick start package you have downloaded at the website this is because the Joomla configuration.php has not been updated correctly during the quick start package installation.

To fix the problem complete the following

  1. Open the FTP software on your computer
  2. Browse to the Joomla directory where you have installed the quick start package and Joomla
  3. Download the configuration.php file to your computer
  4. Make a backup of the configuration.php file first before making any changes
  5. Open the configuration.php file using note.exe
  6. Look for the following code in the configuration.php file

public $db = 'mysql database name goes here';
public $user = 'mysql user name goes here';
public $password = 'mysql user name password goes here';

7. For the public $db= add the mysql database name you created

8. For the public $user= add the mysql user name you created

9. For the public $password= add your mysql password

10. After you have updated the settings upload the updated configuration.php file to your website and everything should work fine.