The custom module positions can be used to display text or images in the top, bottom, left or right hand areas of the template.

You need to following the instructions noted below for each new custom module you publish to the web site. 

To create a custom module position complete the following steps 

  1. From the Joomla administrator select the Extensions Menu and Module Manager menu.

  2. Select the New button

  3. Select the Custom HTML option

  4. Now setup the module as show in the screen shots below.

  5. When you have setup the custom module select the Save & Close button to save and publish the module to your Joomla site. 

  6. You can use any of the custom module positions located at the top, bottom of the template or the left or right of the template noted above

  7. If you want the module position to appear on ALL pages you need to assign the module positions to ALL the menu items