The template includes a built-in slideshow where you can display images in the slideshow you have uploaded to the web site.

To setup the slideshow you need to complete the following three steps

  1. Create images which will appear in the slideshow

  2. Create a custom module position for each slide show image 

  3. Open the template control panel to change the slide show settings

Create Images For the Slideshow

The first step is to create new images which will appear in the slide show.

  1. Create a new .JPG image

  2. If you want to add four images to the slide show then you will need to create four new images

  3. Save the images to your computer

Create A Custom Module Position For Each New Slideshow Image

The Second step is to create a new custom module position for each image which will appear in the slideshow.

  1. From the Joomla administrator area select the Extensions Menu and Module Manager menu.

  2. Select the New button

  3. Select the Custom HTML option

  4. In the module titleenter the name for the new slide. The title will NOT be displayed in the slideshow

  5. Assign and publish the module to the builtin-slideshow module position 

  6. In the WYSIWYG editor enter the heading and text which will appear as a caption over the slideshow image

  7. Create a read more button to link to an article in your Joomla site (see instructions below)

  8. In the options tab choose the SELECT button to upload and select the slide image you have created for the slideshow

  9. Save the changes to publish the image to the builtin-slideshow module position

How Do I Add More Images To The Slide Show

You can add as many images to the slideshow as like but for each image you add to the slideshow you must create a new custom module position by following the instructions noted above for each new slide you add to the slideshow.

The slideshow image ordering can be changed by changing the module order for the custom modules you have created and published to the builtin-slideshow module position.

Slideshow Settings

The 3rd step is enable the slideshow in the template control settings. 

To enable the slideshow in the template control panel complete the following.

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator area

  2. Select the Extensions menu and Template Manager menu

  3. Select the Styles tab

  4. Open the template you have installed by clicking on the template link from the list of templates

  5. Select the built-in slideshow settings tab

  6. Next to the slide the button to ON

  7. Save the changes by clicking on the Save & Close button 

You can also change the slideshow show effects and many more options included in the built-in slowshow settings tab.

For more information about how to use the slideshow settings PLEASE HOVER OVER THE TEXT NEXT TO EACH SLIDESHOW SETTING