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Light Cart Virtuemart Template


Light Cart is a bright, clean, responsive Virtuemart template we have designed at the website for the latest version of Joomla 3.10, Virtuemart 4.0 and php 8.0. Check the template compatibility before purchasing. Light Cart uses the latest cutting-edge technology including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap plus it comes packed full of great built-in features to help you build a professional store including support for over 40 module positions, eye-catching CSS3 effects, easy to use image slideshow, featured product slider which is great for showcasing the latest products you have to offer plus much more. Transform your online store today with the Light Cart design we have released at the website.

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Demo Joomla! 3.3 VirtueMart 2.9

The Light Cart Virtuemart template supports the following features

  1. Light Cart is compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart 4.0.6 for joomla 3.10.11.
  2. Template quick start package included so you can easily setup the design at your website.
  3. Comes with six unique colour themes to choose from
  4. Fully responsive template layouts
  5. Built-in CSS3 effects to help your products stand out more.
  6. Featured products slider which is great to get your customers attention about your latest products.
  7. Designed using the latest technology including Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3
  8. Powerful, built-in colour selector tool so you can easily customize the designs colour styles.
  9. Built-in image slideshow which is both easy to use and update plus it includes lots of features.
  10. Built-in product image zooms feature
  11. Support for 40 collapsible module positions
  12. Custom log in module located at the top of the design.
  13. A variety of typography styles to choose from
  14. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and mobile web browsers
  15. Adobe Photoshop file included.
  16. Installation guide to setup the Virtuemart template

Light Cart  Styles

The Joomla template comes with a choice of different colour styles for you to choose from. You can also create a custom colour style for the design using the easy-to-use built-in theme customization tool which provides you with unlimited possibilities to customize the web design.

Light Cart Template Settings

The template control panel allows you to easily access and update all the powerful built-in settings we have included in the web design for you. To find more about the settings included in the control panel open the images below.

template features

Template Features

All the templates we have designed come with over 100 built-in features to provide you with the control and flexability you need to open a shop

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